Brand Off

Ignorant, sick, addicted, insecure and dumb: That’s how they want you.

Brands don’t care about you. Corporations don’t care about you. None of those products and services that live in your imagination care about you. That seven-headed monster called “Publicity” does not care about you at all.

Cigarettes want you addicted and coughing your cancerous lungs off. Alcohol wants you miserable from Monday through Friday so that you can get fucked up and right everything on Friday night. Shopping malls want your low self-stem to fill it up with stuff made by slave labor in South East Asia.

Groups of people who call themselves corporations, governments, brands and so on want you sleepy to wake you up; tired to energize you; sad to sell you a happy pill; insecure to spend money on stuff; broke to get a loan; plugged to a TV screen to teach you how inadequate you are.

Ignorant: That is how they want you, fucking ignorant.

They teach day in and day out not to ask for a “glass of High Fructose Corn Syrup with 16 table spoons of sugar and a long list of cancerous and unpronounceable chemicals, please” .

You learn to ask for a glass of Coca-Cola and drink the whole shit with a smile.

Ignorant, sick, addicted, insecure and dumb: That’s how they want you; that’s who you are for a brand.

Go shopping now, nothing else to read here.

Everything is fine, Keep shopping.


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