When my (Cannabis) Time Comes

It is going to happen my friends, sooner or later my time will come and this amazing body that has taken me places, allowed to have tons of experiences, memorize endless amounts of useless data, and overall permitted me to have a great life on this planet, will stop functioning.

It may come before I finish writing this post and I will be found in few hours with my face on the keyboard, or it may come in 60 years allowing to blow the candles off my 100th birthday cake.

But regardless when it happens, the truth of the matter is that it is coming. For me, for you and for everybody we know.

No doubt I will heading straight to Heaven: After working on the legalization of cannabis across Latin America and treating people right, for sure I will sitting right beside Jesus, God and flanked by the Mule and the Donkey.

I would like for the body to be cremated, the ashes mixed with some dirt and use it to grow some beautiful and healthy cannabis plants.

And after the vegetative and flowering stages have been completed and when the time is right, from the top of a mountain overlooking a beautiful green valley, light up a connection to that great beyond.

And let’s have a cosmic chat.

Heading straight to Heaven

Heading straight to Heaven


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