Cannabis for President

By election day both presidential candidates were competing on how fast they will legalize and regulate “The next greatest Industry of the 21st century: Cannabis”.

This is a short recount of a vivid dream I have just had. It is early Friday morning and even though I have slept for only five hours, I am wide awake and energized.

I am sitting on a white Ikea couch at my old apartment in North Carolina. I am chatting with a good friend of mine and other than seeing an unicorn grassing outside of the window and a human-size vacuum cleaner serving us warm coffee, everything seem pretty normal.

There is a large hardcover book on the coffee table in front of us that catches my attention. I pick it up and realize it’s a history book from the 21st century. I open a random page and a headline in big bold letters hits me in the face: “2017: The Year Cannabis was Legalized”

I read out loud “…the presidential election started by mid-2015 with the usual visits to Iowa and general statements about health, security, economic progress and the deficit. But by the end of the year the speeches and press conferences had been dominated by each candidate pledging to have cannabis legalization as the flagship of their campaigns.

By election day both candidates were competing on how fast they will legalize and regulate “The next greatest Industry of the 21st century”. If the 2008 election that saw Barack Obama became president was won on the shoulders of his health care promises, the 2016 election will always be known as “The Cannabis Election” […].

Reading further into the history of the 21st century, I learn that the next president of the United States will take office with the clear promise of legalizing cannabis nation wide. It will be followed by a deep reform of the entire regime of legal prohibition and the international expansion of the US Cannabis Industry around the world.

The gateway theory of cannabis ended up being true after all… It was a gateway to winning the presidential election of 2016.

The voting was unanimous.

The voting was unanimous.


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