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La reforma a la política de drogas es el reto más grande que enfrenta América Latina actualmente y la exitosa legalización del Cannabis Medicinal su punta de lanza.

Jose L. Gastaldi, como consultor y experto en la industria legal y legítima de cannabis medicinal en los Estados Unidos, es quien están liderando esta realidad en América Latina.

De acuerdo a ArcView Group, el sector más dinámico de la economía estadounidense fue el cannabis: Creció 74% y facturó legalmente $2.700 millones de dólares en el año 2014. Hoy hay 23 estados donde su compra y venta se ha legalizado y para el año 2016 se proyecta que en 33 de sus 50 estados se haya legalizado.

En América Latina Uruguay sanciona la ley en el año 2013; Chile aprueba dos proyectos pilotos legales (Sept 2014 – Enero 2015); Colombia discute una ley de cannabis medicinal en el congreso; y Argentina empieza los primeros ensayos clínicos en la Facultad de Medicina de La Plata entre otros.

Esta no se simplemente un cambio de políticas, esto es ya una Revolución.


Jose L. Gastaldi is the man behind the regulation and development of the legal Cannabis Industry across Latin America.

In the United States Cannabis is the fastest growing sector of the economy expanding 74% in 2014 to reach $2.7 billion dollars and it is present in 23 states for medicinal use and four states for Adult Use. By 2020 if the full legalization of Cannabis is approved, it will be worth an approximate $36.8 billion dollars (Figures taken from

Latin America is set to become the next great legal market for Cannabis outside of the US. Uruguay legalized it in 2014; Chile has approved two pilot projects for 400 medicinal patients and more are on the way; Argentina is starting its first medical trials by mid-2015; and Colombia has medicinal legislation pending in Congress.

With the will to do good in mind and the amazing economic opportunities ahead, Jose L. Gastaldi left a stable and well paying job in the US banking system, sold everything, cashed his 401k and set himself a challenge: To make legal medicinal cannabis a reality in Latin America.

As Director of LatinCannabis Inc. he works to be the change he wants to see: A society where people are no longer put in jailed, where there is legal access to the best Cannabis Medicine for people to treat their illnesses, and a growing and expanding industry that is professional, profitable and does a lot of good.

If any of this resonates with you, let’s talk.


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